The solution to screw thread strip-out in thin metal.

Torkloc® Advantages

  1. Screw thread strip-out is eliminated in most applications using thin sheet metal, as screw threads remain engaged.

  2. The patent pending vane feature under the screw head acts as a torque brake, or driving tool brake, to overcome the driving torque of power drivers. It has 85% more braking effect than standard serrations or nibs.

  3. Eliminates problems related to operator error, improperly adjusted drive clutches, and variations in air drive pressure and drive speed.

  4. Hex washer acts as a crimping or clamping force, to keep vanes performing as a locking or braking device.

  5. Patent pending vane feature under the head is a non-directional form, that performs as a braking or locking device, permitting standardization - one screw performs both functions.

  6. Vane feature and form develop constant braking under the head as the screw threads begin to reach strip-out torque, and thin sheetmetals begin to turn inside-out at thread engagement areas.

  7. There is no need to develop or select different hole sizes for threads of screw, standard AB sheetmetal hole diameters apply. Driving torque remains the same.

  8. Positive grounding continuity is achieved to meet UL requirements

  9. Product quality levels improve - no loose screws or stripped threads, no production down-time to remove stripped screws.

  10. Torkloc® vane feature is available in Indented Hex Washer Head Sizes #8 through 3/8" diameters, as well as various other head styles upon special request.

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